Loot Box from Overwatch screenshot

The Anniversary Update brought with it more cosmetic content than any update so far, which quickly showcased how broken the Loot Box system truly is. Since most of the good items are epic or legendary, and since their drop rates are fairly low, you need to purchase a frankly ridiculous amount of Loot Boxes to come even close to grabbing all of the new items. As you might imagine, this did not sit well with the Overwatch community, especially those that have spent hefty sums of money to acquire a whole bunch of useless duplicates.

After the massive outrage Blizzard announced that they are discussing possible solutions, though they didn't release any actual details... until now! According to the recently updated PTR (Public Test Realm), the Loot Boxes have been reworked in order to drastically reduce the amount of duplicates, and best of all, the currency value for each duplicate you do get has been increased. In other words, Overwatch's Loot Boxes will soon be making a transformation from something terrible to something quite amazing!

The good news doesn't end there, however, as Blizzard has also announced a new automatic highlights system. What this allows you is to record 12 seconds of your gameplay at the press of a single button, or if you are so inclined, record your best Play of the Game so you can brag on the Internet. You can have up to 36 recently-captured highlights stored at one time, though I can't imagine you'll be hitting that limit given that there will be an easy video export function. Most impressively of all, you will get to dictate what quality the highlights will be exported at! So if even if you have a rotten potato for a PC you will still be able to output a 4K video at 60 FPS! Naturally, this will take you quite a while, but the important thing is that it can be done.

The PTR update has also brought with it a couple of bug fixes, most notably the ability for Sombra to ignore damage while she's translocating (no more after-teleport deaths!). You can read all about these changes on the official patch notes, or you can check out the recently posted developer update right below: