New Overwatch skins themed after the Summer Games Olympics

[Update]: The cosmetics are now available. Visit this Reddit post to get a good look at all the new content.

Blizzard has stated multiple times now that the next batch of cosmetic items would be releasing near the end of summer, and with August now upon us we finally have a glimpse at the various new skins. As you might expect given the title, they are all themed around the various events from the upcoming Olympics, so you have skins such as track racer Tracer, Weightlifter Zarya, footballer Lucio and so forth.

Besides the various skins, there's also going to be a whole bunch of new voice lines, heroic intros, poses, and naturally, taunts. All in all, these new Summer Games Loot Boxes will come with 90 brand new items, and best of all, they won't contain any of the previous ones.

Unfortunately, things are not as good as they sound given that these Loot Boxes will only be available for purchase with real money, and the items inside will not be available for purchase with in-game currency like their previous iterations. To make matters worse, these Loot Boxes will only remain available for around three weeks after which they will disappear forever.

Personally, this whole system pisses me off because it combines the very worst aspects of F2P within a €40 game. The Loot Boxes are time-limited and completely random, so you're going to have to shell out upwards of €200 in order to complete your collection, while still not having a guarantee you will get all of the items because you can get useless duplicates that reward 1/5 of an items value. 

If you could just buy the skins you want for a couple of € I would be OK with it, but as it stands this is the most customer unfriendly and plain old greedy way to deliver a bunch of long-awaited skins. Blizzard has proven they listen to their Overwatch community time and time again, so here's to hoping they listen this time as well and at least do something to fix this whole mess.