Overwatch screenshot of the characters dancing

[Update]: Overwatch has now added cross-platform multiplayer alongside a new Ashe themed event!

Considering that Blizzard is currently focusing all of their attention on Overwatch 2, to the point that the original hasn't received a major content update in quite a while, I'm both shocked and extremely happy to announce that Blizzard is soon adding cross-play to Overwatch! So regardless of what platform you play on (PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Switch), you will soon be able to team up with your friends and potentially make new ones across a variety of game modes and platforms.

Once the update arrives cross-play will be fully enabled for all game modes except Competitive Play where the matchmaking will be separated into three parts: PC-only, console with cross-play and console without cross-play. The reason for PC's exclusion, as you might imagine given the control differences, is to ensure a fair and enjoyable competitive environment for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, this announcement does bring with it one bit of bad news. Despite it being a much-requested feature, this update will not be adding cross-progression. In other words, you won't be able to hop from platform to platform while unlocking new things and making progress on your account - only time spent on the original platform will count.

If you're interested in the fine details you can find the official FAQ over at the Overwatch website. For now, however, I'll leave you with the brief developer update discussing the addition of cross-play. Enjoy!