Overwatch screenshot of Hanamura

[Update]: Overwatch devs have launched an experimental update to address the Double Shield meta.

Out of all the game modes in Overwatch, Assault (2CP) is by far the least popular, and for good reason. Assault games frequently end up as either one-sided stomps or eternal stalemates, all the while the intentionally unfair spawning points make each death incredibly frustrating.

Blizzard has tried to fix this game mode many times before, but while they have improved it slightly, it still remains a bit of a sore spot for many players. With that in mind, you might be interested to hear that Blizzard hasn't given up on the game mode just yet! Instead, they are internally working on a whole bunch of variations in order to figure out just what works, what doesn't, and what can still be salvaged.

In order to show just what exactly these tests look like, the Overwatch team has now released a brand new experimental update containing major changes to the Assault game mode. These changes have already been deemed a failure and will not be making their way into the 'proper' game, but they're still worth checking out purely because of how different they truly are.

"Teams take turns attempting to capture points on the map," reads the official description. "The game begins with Team 1 attempting to capture Point A. Once Team 1 either succeeds or fails to capture Point A, the teams switch sides and Team 2 attempts to capture the same point. If both teams succeed in claiming Point A, the next round will then move to Point B and the game continues. The team who succeeds in capturing more points wins the game"

You can read more about these failed Assault changes, as well as the minor but still relevant Genji nerfs, over at the official website. And if you just want to dive in yourself, simply log into Overwatch and you'll find that the experimental Assault mode is already live and ready for action! Enjoy!