Overwatch screenshot of the Summer Games 2021 Sigma skin

[Update]: Overwatch's August balance patch has beefed up Genji, Soldier 76, Roadhog and Moira

While most of the development team is still working on Overwatch 2, Blizzard recently added one of the greatest features Overwatch has ever seen - cross-platform multiplayer! However, despite that being a rather monumental task, it looks like it hasn't slowed down the pace of regular updates for even a second. As such you might be surprised to hear that the annual Summer Games update has just now been unleashed, and will be running until August 10th.

Much like last year Summer Games 2021 brings with it a plethora of themed cosmetics to collect, three weekly challenges that award additional epic quality skins, as well as some rather curious updates to Lucioball. Here's what all of it looks like in action:

Each of the three weekly events will require you to collect 27 points in order to unlock all of the cosmetics. You can get one point by simply playing in any of the official game modes, while winning will give you twice as much. So while it might sound like a lot, getting the new stuff is surprisingly easy, and can be made even easier if you just focus on playing the faster Arcade modes. This will also grant you three additional loot boxes per week as a little bonus, so it's well worth the trouble if cosmetics are what you seek.

Have fun with the new outfits, and once we get the next big balance update I'll make sure to let you know.

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 screenshot of the Ashe skin