Halloween Terror event screenshot featuring Vampire Reaper and Witch Hunter McCree cosmetics

As is tradition with pretty much every major Overwatch update, the arrival date for the upcoming Halloween Terror event was leaked multiple times. Even so, I am very happy to say that Blizzard has now officially confirmed that the second annual Halloween event will be coming on October 10th!

While the details are still shrouded in mystery, you can expect to see all of the previous Halloween items make a return at a discounted price, but also a whole bunch of new items including the Vampire Reaper and Vampire Hunter McCree. Furthermore, if the recent datamining is to be believed there will also be new items for Ana, Hanzo, Genji, and D.Va, though what exactly those items are, I'm afraid nobody outside of Blizzard knows right now.

As for Doctor Junkenstein and his crew, this is where we enter the realm of speculation. During an interview last year, an interview I unfortunately couldn't dig up, Overwatch's Game Director Jeff Kaplan mentioned that they have plans to improve upon the Halloween event by adding a brand new section after the initial defense. This is fairly ancient interview by this point, so none of this is guaranteed to make an appearance, but its such a good idea that I can't imagine the Overwatch team simply passing over it. 

I would love to offer you more than simple guesswork, but I'm afraid this is pretty much everything we have to work with in terms of concrete information. All we can do now is wait and hope that Zarya gets an actually worthwhile skin, one that doesn't cover her face or make her look like ridiculous!