Symmetra screenshot from Overwatch

While most of the heroes in Overwatch are fairly well balanced, there are a few outliers that just can't seem to find a consistent place on any team. Chief among them is Symmetra, a support hero that entirely relies on her team dying one by one in order to provide any utility, and even then her impact is a lot lower than her competition's.

In short, Symmetra has problems, and a lot of them! Thankfully, it does appear that Blizzard is well aware of this as they have just recently announced their plans to rework Symmetra at some point in November. This information comes from a brief interview Jeff Kaplan did with Business Insider, so if you're interested in his perspective on Symmetra and her troubles I'd recommend you give it a read. If you're just looking for the short version, here's what Kaplan had to say about the upcoming changes:

"I don’t have anything really specific to talk about right now, other than she is kind of an internal project right now. She is a hero we’d like to make some changes to. I think those changes wouldn’t see the light of day until November, though, because we want to do a bunch of internal testing.

It’s one thing when we do something [minor] — like, we have a change to Junkrat on the [Public Test Realm] where his Ultimate activates faster, but it’s a very incremental, safe change — whereas the type of changes we think need to happen to Symmetra require a lot more internal testing and discussion."

While Kaplan's tone throughout the interview seems to indicate that the team hasn't even begun their work on Symmetra, the recently added voice lines tell a completely different story. Naturally, we don't know if these were recorded just in case, but phrases such as "I will augment your shields" or "shields boosted" are quite exciting to hear given how dreadfully boring Symmetra's Shield (E) ability is. If this supposed Shield change actually makes it to the live version it would significantly improve Symmetra's position as a support hero because the ability to add extra health is an incredibly powerful one - even if the effect itself lasts for a short while.

The rework is still quite far away, so don't get your hopes up on reaching the top 500 with Symmetra alone, but its still nice to hear that Blizzard is working so hard on keeping Overwatch as balanced as it can possibly be. Here's to hoping this sort of a treatment will soon follow for Torbjorn, Bastion, and Soldier 76 - heroes that are incredibly powerful at lower levels, yet fairly useless at higher ones.