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[Update]: No Sombra just yet, but something is definitely happening!

To say that Blizzard screwed up with Sombra's ARG (Alternate Reality Game) would be a massive understatement given that the community feverishly worked for many months in order to solve puzzles with absolutely nothing at the end of them. But even after every single puzzle was solved and the grand reveal loomed ever closer, Blizzard's only response was to release not one, not two, but three slow-moving countdowns with absolutely nothing at the end of them! Are you seeing a theme here?

Thankfully, things started picking up the past few weeks as Blizzard released numerous LumériCo emails (the in-game company behind the Dorado power plant), all of which were pointing towards some sort of sabotage attempt, as well as a massive protest against a corrupt government. All of this culminated with a recent announcement on the official Overwatch website that quite plainly stated something big is going to happen in Dorado this November 1st. Here's the full quote:

"Meanwhile, Los Muertos, which has come out as a strong supporter of Sombra in recent days, has responded to the collective's revelations, calling for the immediate resignation and arrest of Mr. Portero and his co-conspirators, the deactivation of LumériCo's power plants pending an independent investigation into the company's governance, and reparations to citizens affected by LumériCo's policies. Los Muertos is organizing a protest to coincide with LumériCo's unveiling of the Dorado nuclear plant on November 1st."

Now before we move on allow me to just say that everything I'm going to be talking about is pure speculation, so don't be surprised if November 1st doesn't bring with it a grand Sombra reveal but rather a small modification of the Dorado map and a continuation of the never-ending ARG.

That said, I do believe this is going to be the official announcement for Sombra, though she most likely won't be playable until Blizzcon as I can imagine Blizzard wanting to keep an ace up their sleeves to drum up even more excitement. So why do I think this is the case? Well, the previous four 'new' heroes were first heavily hinted towards in a blog post that came out on Friday, only to be fully revealed the following Tuesday. If you don't believe me feel free to scour the Overwatch website and confirm for yourself, but the important thing here is that November 1st is indeed a Tuesday and that the above mentioned article did indeed come out on Friday, October 28th. Since this is quite literally the same process they've used for the previous couple of heroes, it is highly likely they will do the same for Sombra as well.

And if we needed even more hints towards this quite obviously being about Sombra, November 1st is right smack in the middle of the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. On its own this doesn't sound like much, but given how every single Sombra email and message contained an ASCII skull I have to imagine the date was not a random coincidence.

Whether I'm correct or not, I have absolutely no idea, but given that November 1st is just around the corner we won't have to wait for very long in order to find out. Here's to hoping Sombra ends up being worth all the wait!