Overwatch Christmas screenshot starring Mei, Tracer, Torbjorn and Lucio

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise as we're retracing the events from last year, but Blizzard has now come out to announce that Overwatch's "Return to Winter Wonderland" event will be starting up on December 12th. What might come as a surprise, however, is that we won't just get the same event from last year like what happened with the recent Halloween update. Instead, we will be getting a bunch of new cosmetics (Hanzo, Roadhog and Junkrat have been confirmed so far), a holiday reskin of the Black Forest map, as well as brand new 'boss' game mode by the name of Mei's Yeti Hunt!

The details are still in short supply, but the new mode seems to play very similarly to Evolve. What I mean by this is that five Mei players will be attempting to hunt down Winston while he scours the maps for power-ups, after which the tables will turn and the super-powerful Winston will try and smack down the Mei players instead. Here's the brief developer update explaining the concept further:

While the new content and cosmetics are certainly exciting, I'm more interested about one very small feature of this update - Role Selection. This is something the community has been requesting for a very long time, so to see the Overwatch team actually experiment with the idea is a welcoming sign. Its only going to be available in Mei's Yeti Hunt for the time being, but it should give the developers plenty of data to work with, and most importantly, an idea of how the playerbase behaves when presented with a choice to specialize.

In somewhat unrelated news, its also worth mentioning that this update is highly likely to bring with it Doomfist bug fixes as well. The poor guy has been at the very bottom in terms of competitive winrate for quite a few months now, so to have him finally return as an actual hero is going to be a real Christmas miracle!

Screenshot of Doomfist from Overwatch