Overwatch screenshot of the Pink Mercy cosmetic

Overwatch devs have recently held a charity focused event where players could purchase the rather fancy Pink Mercy skin for $15, all of which would go straight to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Besides the skin itself, Blizzard also offered a variety of Pink Mercy themed merchandise and clothes, as well as organized numerous Twitch streams with notable community members in order to raise money for charity.

As you're probably well aware from the title alone, all that effort was more than worth it given that the event has officially raised over 12.7 million USD in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! A truly momentous achievement given that the whole event was fairly short.

I can only hope they will do more of these types of events in the future, because regardless of why people decide to purchase any of the items, the end result is that some charity gets a much needed boost in funding. As or Blizzard themselves, well, a couple of weeks of good publicity is never a bad thing!