Overwatch Lunar New Year Tiger Ashe skin screenshot

[Update]: Overwatch 2 has now unveiled its very first support hero - the wall-climbing, fox themed healer Kiriko. The Blizzard team has also taken this opportunity to detail Overwatch 2's Battle Pass, hero unlock system, as well as their plans for future updates.

If there's any sort of skin, voice line or animation that you'd like to grab for use in Overwatch 2, this would be the perfect time to do so as Blizzard has just unleashed the Last Chance event. As the name might imply, the Last Chance event has opened up the vaults and given players the opportunity to unlock any of the various seasonal cosmetics with in-game credits.

You don't have to spend everything if you don't want to, however, as once Overwatch 2 arrives on October 4th all of your current credits will be transferred over. That said, I would still advise spending everything as it's unlikely the Overwatch 2 will give players a chance to bypass the new progression system and unlock a bunch of new stuff with stockpiles of old credits. Similarly, it's unlikely that Overwatch 2 will let you unlock seasonal cosmetics without the accompanying event being active, so if you don't get things right now you might have to wait an entire year for another chance.

It's not too big of a rush, however, as the Last Chance event will last until October 2nd, a mere two days before Overwatch 2 launches. So even if you have no credits to your name right now, there's a pretty good chance you'll be able to scrounge some up and get whatever skin tickles your fancy.

The final and slightly unrelated thing worth mentioning is a recent announcement about Overwatch 2's heroes. As it turns out, new heroes will be unlocked through the free track of the Battle Pass, with the paid side of things giving you instant access to the heroes. Furthermore, Blizzard has also accidentally leaked that the next hero to be revealed will be the fox girl support Kiriko.

Once the big announcement goes live, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun snatching up a few more cosmetics before Overwatch gets replaced by its sequel!