Overwatch Sigma artwork from the trailer

[Update #2]: Open Queue has now been unleashed as an alternative competitive mode.

[Update]: Overwatch Anniversary 2020 event is set to arrive this May 19th with a ton of new and returning cosmetics, including the adorable Little Red Ashe.

While I still firmly believe that moving to Role Queue has brought about a massive improvement in match quality, even I must admit that playing the recent Open Queue arcade mode has been pretty fun. Not something I'd be willing to go back to long-term, good lord no, but it's quite enjoyable as a little diversion every now and then.

If you share my sentiment, I'm sure you'll also be happy to hear that Blizzard is looking to bring Open Queue back as an alternative mode to the current Role Queue. The exact details haven't been revealed just yet, especially when it comes to how placement matches and season rewards will be handled, but what Blizzard has confirmed is that they will still primarily balance the game around 2-2-2 compositions.

The full implementation of Open Queue as an alternative competitive mode will arrive once the next season starts, at some point in July. Until then, Blizzard will be adding it back to the arcade in order to tide people over while they do all of the necessary upgrades.

Unlike the recent batch of experimental balance changes which I feel are a bit misguided, the addition of Open Queue is a straight up great idea! It not only reduces the amount of DPS players clogging up the 2/2/2 mode and creating massive queue times, but it also gives players more options to toy around with, and that is always a positive thing in my book.

So once Blizzard brings back Open Queue I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can learn a little bit more about the whole thing through the recently posted developer update. Enjoy!