Tracer from Overwatch looking rather smug

I don't know about you, but ever since Overwatch released I was itching for a proper competitive mode, a place where everyone would play to the best of their abilities, and where four Hanzos per team were something you laughed about, rather than something you had to endure.

If you belong in this camp you'll be glad to hear that the competitive/ranked mode will be making its way to Overwatch next month as a part of a big update, the contents of which are currently shrouded in mystery. This news comes from a relatively recent Q&A video on Facebook where Jeff Kaplan, Game Director and one of Blizzard's most influential developers, discussed a variety of topics, so if you're interesting in anything beyond competitive play I'd recommend you give it a watch.

As for the ranked mode, Kaplan has said that each season will most likely last 3 months as the 1 month seasons were met with widespread criticism during the closed beta due to there being too much downtime before everyone got back to their proper rank. The bad news is that while the seasons will technically last 3 months, in reality they will last 2.5 months, with the remaining two weeks being used as a "cooling off" period, which to me sounds like a whole load of nonsense.

Do keep in mind, however, that none of this is currently set in stone, and knowing Blizzard I wouldn't be surprised if there were some unexpected delays down the line, but its still good to know that competitive play is coming to Overwatch, and its coming soon!