Overwatch screenshot of Ashe and B.O.B. looking tough

As previously announced, Overwatch's extended free trial period has now begun. So if you're up for some team-based shooty action, head on over to the official website and you'll be able to experience everything Overwatch has to offer on both PC and consoles until November 26th.

You'll have access to the full roster of 29 heroes (including the newly released and rather fun Ashe), all 19 maps spanning the various game modes, all currently available cosmetics, and naturally, the numerous official and unofficial custom games that reside in the Arcade. The only thing you won't be able to access is the competitive mode, though that's not exactly something you'd want to jump into with only a couple of hours of playtime anyway.

On the other hand, if you're wondering whether Overwatch is worth your time, I would say the answer is a resounding yes if you're a fan of the genre. I can't even pretend to be objective here as I've probably spent around 500 hours on Overwatch so far, but Blizzard really did an excellent job with everything from the visuals to hero design. I do have some complaints about the balance, but recently they've been improving in that area as well. So for the low, low price of free, I would highly recommend you at least give Overwatch a closer look!

And just for good measure, allow me to leave you with the recently posted hero preview for Ashe and her trusty Omnic companion B.O.B. Enjoy!