Sigma's Maestro Challenge cosmetic skin

[Update]: Overwatch update has improved Career Profiles and brought in Sigma's Maestro Challenge.

With the Summer Games event still a few weeks away, Blizzard has decided to fill the gap by releasing a brand new event. This time around it's all about the music, and unsurprisingly, the free skin you can grab throughout the event will be the above-pictured Maestro Sigma.

While the details haven't been confirmed just yet, it's highly likely this event will follow in the footsteps of the previous ones. So once it goes live this July 14th, you'll simply need to win nine games across any official game mode, at which point you'll be awarded the Maestro Sigma skin and a couple of new sprays to toy around with.

Speaking of music, Blizzard has also released a brand new collection of Overwatch "Cities & Countries" soundtracks, featuring the themes from the various maps and missions. You can check them out through the newly added Youtube playlist. Here's a little sneak peek:

To learn more about the event once it goes live, as well as figure out which streaming platforms you can listen to the new music collection from, you should head on over to the Overwatch website.