Overwatch screenshot of the Butcher Roadhog skin

After spending quite a while on the PTR, the much-anticipated Blizzard World map has now finally arrived onto the live servers. As expected, it also brought with it a variety of Blizzard themed cosmetics, as well as a couple of extra ones that were only announced during the last few days.

But first things first, if you're wondering what exactly Blizzard World looks like, you'll find one of the original trailers right below. It won't show you a detailed overview of the whole map and the various routes it houses, but it should be enough to give you a general idea of what to expect. Have a look:

As for the new cosmetics, you'll find the whole list with pictures over at the Overwatch website. Long story short, there are a whole bunch of new Legendary and Epic skins, four new and rather awesome highlight intros, a variety of voice lines and sprays, and naturally, a couple of emotes as well. Most importantly, however, all of these new cosmetics have been added to the base Loot Boxes and as such can be purchased at a significantly lower price than their event-exclusive counterparts. So if you want something like the new kitty D.Va skin, you'll only have to spend 1000 credits in order to get it.

The only negative comment I have about this update is that the much-needed Mercy and Junkrat nerfs are not a part of it. They will be coming in the very near future, but according to Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan they aren't ready just yet. And just in case you haven't read what the upcoming changes actually are, I'll leave you with the fairly brief patch notes:


Concussion Mine

- Will now deal less damage to targets farther away from the explosion’s center

Developer Comments: Junkrat has been enjoying the flexibility his double-charge Concussion Mine provides, but it has now become a bit too easy to throw out huge bursts damage in a large area. With this change he can still dish out similar damage but he must now be more accurate with his tosses.



- No longer makes Resurrect instant

- No longer grants a bonus charge of Resurrect

- The speed boost that Guardian Angel receives has been decreased by 50%

- Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

Developer Comments: Mercy’s recent Resurrect changes have helped in allowing enemies to have more counter play in dealing with her, but she was able to use Resurrect through Valkyrie enough to largely mitigate the impact of the previous changes. Additionally, we’re toning back the amount of mobility Valkyrie provides through Guardian Angel and reducing its duration to overall reduce the power of this ability.