Overwatch screenshot of snowman Roadhog from the Winter Wonderland event

[Update #2]: Overwatch's Year of the Ox event is launching this February 4th alongside the Capture the Flag mode.

[Update]: Overwatch is bringing in a gorgeous new free-for-all map set in Japan - Kanezaka.

If you're looking for an excuse to dive back into Overwatch, consider this a pretty good one. Not only has Blizzard added the Winter Wonderland event with a whole bunch of fancy new cosmetics, but also the brand new Priority Pass system that promises significantly faster queue times for those that are willing to be flexible.

First things first, you can get a pretty good idea of what the new cosmetics are like, as well as what the seasonal game mode has to offer, through the freshly posted trailer. Have a gander, it's quite a cheerful one:

As for the Priority Pass, its purpose is to reduce queue times by increasing the number of tank and support players, while simultaneously making it easier for tank and support players to jump into an occasional match as DPS. To achieve this Blizzard has added a new "Flex" role into the matchmaking system, which as the name would suggest, gives players a chance to fill out whatever role is in demand (read tank) in exchange for the aforementioned Priority Passes.

Simply queuing up as a Flex player will grant you these Priority Passes, though doing your best and winning is highly encouraged as that will get you far more of them. You can then use these Priority Passes to decrease queue times for a role that's currently experiencing higher traffic, thus essentially allowing you to play all three roles without really having to wait for matches. A win-win situation for everyone!

You can read a little bit more about this, as well as the Winter Wonderland event, over at the official website. Have fun getting frozen!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 screenshot of the special game mode