Overwatch screenshot of the Slasher themed Soldier 76 skin

After quite a few teasers, Overwatch's third annual Halloween Terror event has now arrived. It brings with it Junkenstein's Revenge as a co-op focused PvE mode, an assortment of new and rather good-looking cosmetics, as well as spookier versions of some of the previous maps. It's all highly enjoyable content, but just don't expect anything too out of the ordinary as this event is fairly similar to the one from last year.

To be fair, that's not exactly true as this year's Halloween Terror has a pretty damn awesome trailer to back it up. Have a look, especially if you're interested in what all of the new cosmetics look like in-game:

If you're willing to indulge a bit of a rumor, the reason why the flow of content has slowed down quite considerably is because there is a fully fledged expansion in the works. While I'm not convinced it's going to be a proper expansion, I am inclined to at least partially believe the rumor because despite putting out about four paragraphs worth of text this entire year, the Overwatch writing team has recently hired a new member. So there is definitely something brewing over at Blizzard, but only time will tell what it actually is. 

Until such a time arrives, you might want to focus on the game itself as it has also received some rather significant changes. Torbjorn and Pharah have both undergone reworks that promote more skillful and aggressive playstyles, while Soldier 76, McCree and Orisa have all gained a slight power increase. You'll find all of the details, as well as the accompanying developer commentary, over at the official website

Overwatch Halloween Terror screenshot of Enchanted Armor Pharah

Besides the rework, Pharah also scored an excellent new skin

Torbjorn is unavailable in competitive play for two weeks so I can't comment about his new-found strength, but so far Soldier, Pharah and McCree all feel noticeably smoother to play. This goes doubly so for Soldier as he now finally has a chance to win a 1v1 against a good Doomfist, all thanks to the new spread reduction that allows you to fire in 5-6 bullet bursts. I can only hope Blizzard will continue with these kinds of gradual changes as they really are the best way to bring all of the heroes to a balanced state.

So while the event itself may be a bit mediocre, I would say that this is still a pretty good time to give Overwatch another try. Pretty much every hero is currently viable, Junkenstein's Revenge is as fun as it ever was, and the new cosmetics are also pretty darn good. So if you have a bit of free time, do give the newly buffed heroes a second chance - you might just be surprised by how far a small tweak can go. Have fun!

Overwatch Halloween Terror screenshot of Mei