After many months of teasing, Blizzard is finally releasing keys for the first beta phase of Overwatch. This beta test will run from the 27th of October to an undisclosed date before the end of the year with the focus being on gameplay and balance testing.

If you would like to sign up yourself try hitting up this link but make sure to put on your luckiest socks because this test is going to be relatively small. On the other hand if you have received a key or simply want more information about the various classes I'd suggest you head over to the gameplay previews Blizzard has been steadily releasing for a while now.

As for me, I've been following Overwatch closely since its announcement and even though I have not received a beta key it will be interesting to see how the gameplay pans out once people get comfortable. My biggest worry right now is balance. There are a lot of heroes in Overwatch (18 at the time of writing, and more coming), many of whom share roles. It is going to be quite tricky to have them all be equally viable and avoid the problem of one strong hero overshadowing many others.

However, without any actual gameplay experience this is all speculation and ideally with this beta phase being focused on balance they will find a way to give every hero their own niche.