Official artwork for Genji from Overwatch

The recent Uprising Update brought with it a whole bunch of great content, but unfortunately also a couple of bugs and issues. Up until a couple of days ago Mei's primary attack and ultimate applied no slow, meaning it was incredibly easy to escape her clutches, even if you were walled off from the entirety of your team. On a similar note, Genji's ultimate became a lot messier after the update as it started randomly slowing down mid-swing, which as you might imagine is not exactly ideal in the middle of a fight.

Mei's bug has thankfully already been fixed, and according to a recent developer post it appears that Genji's sword will be getting the same treatment in the near future as well. As it turns out, it wasn't a bug that made Genji's sword swings slower, but rather a bug fix that prevented players with high latency from swinging more often. In reality this latency threshold was so low that the vast majority of players benefited from the bug, which is why the suddenly slower sword felt so weird and inconsistent. But worry not, the developers will be buffing Genji's swing speed so that everyone will be able to do 7 full swings, regardless of latency! Here's the official explanation:

"Before the last major patch, the amount of sword swings you could get changed depending on your latency. Strangely, if you had higher latency you could swing more often. This bug was fixed, which caused some players to suddenly get less swings than they were used to.

Looking into this bug in more detail, the ping threshold before you could gain a single extra swing was somewhat low, so many people probably got used to 7 swings rather than 6.

With that in mind we're going to increase his swing speed overall so he'll gain that 7th swing back for all players, regardless of latency. I'm not entirely sure when we can get that update into the players hands, but we'll make sure its in the patch notes when it hits."

You'll also be glad to hear that the developers will soon be fixing the 2CP (Assault) game mode to ensure that the second defender is no longer heavily disadvantaged. In other words, you will now need to achieve a minimum of 33% progress on a point (a single tick) if you wish to actually win. No more 1-second back-capping with Sombra! Since this might be a bit of a confusing change, here's a couple of official examples provided by Blizzard:

"Instead of needing to simply earn 1% more progress on an objective than the enemy team to break a tie and win, a team will also now also need to achieve a minimum of 33% progress. Here’s some examples:


Team A attacks the first objective on Hanamura, but only gains 10% progress after a really rough offensive round.

Team B then attacks, but they can only gain 20%.

This is a TIE. Neither team achieved the minimum of 33%.


Team A attacks the first objective on Hanamura, and gains 90% progress. (So close!)

Team B attacks, and only gains 40%. progress.

Team A WINS, as they had a minimum of 33% and more progress than their opponent.


Team A attacks the second objective on Hanamura, and fully captures it with 3:00 left.

Team B attacks the second objective on Hanamura, and captures it in overtime with 0:00 left.

Team A now is back on the attack, trying to take the first objective. They can only reach 20% progress after their time bank of 3:00 elapses. This is a TIE. They did not meet the minimum target of 33% progress. If Team A had reached 33%, then they would have won the match."

There is sadly no release date set for any of these two changes, but you should expect the patch to arrive in the near future. As someone that enjoys a bit of Genji every now and then I certainly hope "the near future" means this Tuesday - the usual patching day!