Overwatch Genji fighting assassins

While the original version of the Overwatch Workshop was a little bit bare-bones, Blizzard has slowly but surely transformed it into something wonderful. Best of all, they're still frequently issuing new updates for it - always adding new ways to script events and add features, all of which then result in even more complex game modes.

With the Workshop's one year anniversary now behind us, Blizzard has taken the time to highlight some of the most popular, user-made modes currently available on the Workshop. Here's the full list, as well as the code you'll need in order to play them:

1v1 Arena — TXCXX

Spider Widow — 5D4FX

Zombies — YNZQS, S35Z1, 2QBQN, MGJ03

Thomas — 321Z9

Practice Range 2.2 — AJERA

Dodge the Cars — PAGTH

Clone Wars — 0QJFH

Aim Trainer — KAVE5

Boss Fight — Z0TV6

Pictionary — FH93A

Uno — 44H7K


Scrim Lobby — TEYSH

Widow 1v1 — XQK96

Ana Paintball — 1DMTZ

While most of these make perfect sense as far as custom game modes for an FPS go, I have to question the sanity of people that have a fun game like Overwatch in front of them, but instead choose to play Uno!

On a less silly note, the above-mentioned practice modes are well worth the trouble, and will genuinely help your aim out if you stick with them for a little while. So if you're not happy with the state your gameplay is currently in, don't fret as it's entirely possible to fix with a little bit of effort.

Have fun with the game modes, good luck with any sort of training you might do, and you can follow any future developer comments over at the Overwatch forums.