Hanzo from Overwatch running with his bow

While hit registration was always a bit wonky for Hanzo and Widowmaker due to lag compensation, the recent patch made the problem especially pronounced, so much so that you could hit someone square in the face and not have the hit 'connect'. If you're unfamiliar with these heroes and you're not sure what I'm talking about, here's one of the best examples I could find. Its quite obvious the Hanzo's arrows have connected with Junkrat's body, there's even a blood spray to prove it, yet no damage is actually done.

Thankfully, Overwatch's Lead Engineer Tim Ford has now announced that the team is aware of the problem and that they are working on a solution. Naturally, its not as simple as that, so if you're interested in all of the details you'll find the full quote right below. Have a look, its quite an interesting read:

"Hey everyone,

Thank you consolidating all these videos. Having access to hard evidence, in context, is immeasurably useful. We’d like to give you an update of where we stand with respect to hit registration issues. I’ll group these issues into three buckets:

Issues where we understand the problem and are working on a fix

Issues for which we have a fix on deck or a recently deployed fix

Issues which are not defects, but deliberate trade-offs against “favor the shooter”

Let’s look at each of these in turn. The biggest outstanding issue emerges from how we reconcile lost player input on the server. Whenever your input doesn’t make it consistently to the server because of connection inconsistency, there’s a chance that the server will not replicate your aim synchronized with when you pressed the fire button. This error is exacerbated by recoil-based weapons, since your aim will certainly have changed the frame after you fire a recoiling weapon. If the server doesn’t honor your aim direction at the moment you fired because of packet loss, you will very likely mispredict. We are actively investigating a fix for this, which we hope to deploy with the next major patch. We’ve also identified and have a potential fix for any false hit registration in kill cam, highlights PoTG or spectator views. We’re continuing to test the fix, and we hope to deploy it with the next major patch as well.

We have a fix for a host of Hanzo related mispredict issues. We identified a defect in how we processed successive shots after poor network conditions affected prior shots. The Hanzo fix will go live with the next major patch. In addition, we deployed a fix where a target’s collision could be displaced from where they were drawn on screen by as much as 16 milliseconds in the 1.15 build. In our 1.14 build, we fixed a bug where your player position (and therefore your gun position) would have mispredicted shots when you were moving in close proximity to other players. This bug primarily affected our close-range hit-scan heroes like Reaper and Roadhog.

Finally, there are a handful of videos in this thread that demonstrate some of the deliberate trade-offs we made against our “Favor the Shooter” philosophy. Any shot mispredicted against a dashing Genji, Mercy, Tracer or Doomfist is deliberate. A handful of other abilities exhibit this behavior as well (Winston/Pharah Leap, Sombra translocate, etc.) We have rules in place where we will not favor the shooter if your target executes one of these maneuvers. This is a trade-off that we have made to accommodate the realities of the internet.

From the data we have collected, none of these issues are new; all of them have been in the game since Beta. We enjoy a very passionate community that does a fine job scrutinizing our game, and we humbly and graciously accept the challenge to reach the high bar you have set. Please continue to send us videos. If possible, please find videos where the network-connection icons aren’t hidden by overlay UI. We will be much more successful if we have a complete picture of any defect."

There is unfortunately no release date set just yet, but on the positive side we do know that these fixes will be coming as a part of an upcoming patch. That said, I can only hope this is the sort of communication we'll be getting in the future as well, because I do love when the developers take the time and effort to properly explain the problem and their solutions!