Overwatch artwork showing Ana's Bastet skin from the short story

[Update]: Ana's Bastet skin has now arrived in-game, and it's entirely free to grab until January 21st!

It has been quite a while since we have received any sort of lore in Overwatch, which is why I am delighted to say that the devs have now released a short story by the name of Bastet. While Bastet won't tell you a lot about the future of Overwatch, it will give you a much deeper look at Ana and Soldier's characters, as well as a bit of a peek at some of the problems the organization has caused by attempting to singlehandedly police the world.

You can find the full story, as well as artwork showcasing Ana's upcoming Bastet skin, over at the official website. It's fairly short, as the name would suggest, so if you're even remotely interested in the Overwatch characters I would highly recommend you check it out. And if you need a bit of a teaser, let's just say that this short story has revealed Soldier 76 as Overwatch's second gay character (with Tracer being the first)!

Artwork showing Overwatch's Soldier 76 reminiscing about his boyfriend

Quite unexpected for Soldier 76, I have to admit

As far as I'm aware, every single time Overwatch has expanded the story beyond the current scope, they have included the brand new location as a new map in order to better flesh out the world. So while this is obviously pure speculation, let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard included Prague as a new map, or even made a second map set in Egypt to show what exactly happened once the Anubis project was shut down. Whatever the case may be, I can only hope this brand new map will not be one of the dreaded Control (2CP) ones!

On a final note, it's also important to mention that the devs have now released one of the most impactful patches Overwatch has seen in quite a while. Armor as a mechanic has been nerfed, as have Brigitte and D.Va, while Reaper has received a 20% increase to his lifesteal! A relatively small list of changes, but ones that are likely to drastically change the current tank-focused meta.