Overwatch Halloween Terror comic screenshot of the new Genji costume

Overwatch's second annual Halloween Terror event started early last week, yet for some reason Blizzard has chosen to only now release a comic detailing the return of Doctor Junkenstein and his cronies. While the comic doesn't bring much in terms of new information, it does have some rather lovely artwork, as well as what appears to be a teaser for next year's Genji skin!

You can find the newly released "The Return of Doctor Junkenstein" comic over at the official website. If you're looking for the always-awesome animated version, however, I'm afraid there isn't one available this time around. A real shame since the subtle animations and sounds really add a lot to the atmosphere.

There isn't much else to say without retelling the comic itself, so allow me to leave you with the brief description and one of my favorite scenes, at least as far as pure artwork is concerned. Enjoy the comic!

"Doom descended upon Adlersbrunn. Dr. Jamison Junkenstein's lust for revenge had spilled into every street and engulfed the village in a sea of terror. Yet as the town seemed lost, they appeared. Four Wanderers who had traveled from distant lands to vanquish the darkness. When their grim work was done, the doctor's mad laughter haunted the village no longer."

Overwatch Halloween Terror comic showing off the four villains