Screenshot of Overwatch's Roadhog blasting away Torbjorn

Even though Roadhog is currently in a bit of a bad spot, the latest Overwatch update brought with it a fairly significant nerf to his secondary fire. Instead of it being able to do its full damage to shields regardless of distance, the new change made it so the secondary fire suffered from damage drop-off, similar to Soldier or McCree. Unfortunately, this rather small change resulted in Roadhog's shield-breaking capability going down significantly as unless you were dangerously close to the enemy, your damage would end up being reduced quite considerably.

Thankfully, Blizzard has realized just how much harm this change has done, and so they have sneakily added some new tweaks in order to bring Roadhog's weapon back in line. The changes have now finally been announced as well, so if you're curious about what exactly has happened, you'll find the brief list of tweaks right below:

Scrap Gun

- Primary fire falloff range changed from 10-20 meters to 15-30 meters

- Alternate fire now has damage falloff, which is the same as the new primary fire falloff (15-30 meters)

Developer Comments: Previously, Roadhog’s Scrap Gun alternate fire didn’t have damage falloff which sometimes made it too powerful against far away targets. To balance out a slight power decrease, especially against barriers, we decided to push his overall weapon’s effective range out bit further before damage falloff begins to take effect. Note: The alternate fire falloff begins from where the scrap projectiles are formed, not from Roadhog’s firing position.

While I do find it slightly humorous that Blizzard considers Roadhog's gun "too powerful against far away targets" given its absolutely gigantic spread, I am very glad to have Roadhog's old shield-breaking self mostly back in action. As for the primary fire buff, I highly doubt it's going to be too relevant because, much like the secondary fire, its spread becomes quite drastic with distance and so it's not something you can reliably make use of unless you're shooting at shields.

The final thing worth mentioning is that there will be even more changes coming next week, though Blizzard hasn't specified what exactly these changes will be. Once they do reveal some more information I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I'll leave you to enjoy the Roadhog buffs, as minor as they may be.