Overwatch screenshot of D.Va flipping in the air

If you ask the average Overwatch player what the most over-represented heroes in Competitive Play are, chances are you'll get answers that are mostly focused around snipers and flankers. However, according to Jeff Kaplan's latest post on the BattleNet forums, that is only half correct.

First of all, none of the snipers show up on the list at all, which is fairly self-explanatory given their niche status. Flankers such as Genji and Tracer do make an appearance, though with far greater frequency at the higher ranks. So if the always popular DPS heroes aren't at the very top, who is? Well, according to Jeff Kaplan it's the supports and tanks that hold that lofty position, namely D.Va, Moira and Mercy.

While some will certainly see this as an argument for the latter heroes being overpowered, it is important to mention that there is a lot less heroes to pick from in the support/tank category when compared to the scores upon scores of DPS heroes. As such, if you're looking for a main healer you only really have a choice between Moira, Mercy and Ana, though given how weak Ana is in the current meta that list is actually two heroes wide.

As for D.Va, that's a bit of a tricky situation. There is no doubt that she is currently the strongest and most versatile tank, just look at the Overwatch League and her pickrates there if you need any proof, but even so I'm not actually sure if she's truly overpowered or if she's just enjoying the endless dive meta. I certainly wouldn't mind her Micro Missiles getting a slight damage reduction so she can't bully other tanks and DPS heroes alike, but whether or not she actually needs that change, I genuinely don't know.

Either way, these statistics are great food for thought, and I can only hope Blizzard will release even more in the future. After all, the more we know what is popular, the better we can work towards countering it!