Overwatch artwork showing off Genji

[Update #2]: The latest patch has brought in experimental Assault (2CP) changes and Genji nerfs.

[Update]: It seems like the Moira changes are being pulled back for now, though she will be going through another round of testing in the future.

Blizzard has attempted to change Moira in some way through quite a few of the recent updates, but unfortunately, not a single one of the tweaks ever worked because they were mostly focused around the numbers. With this most recent update, however, Blizzard has chosen to take things in a bit of a different direction.

As such, under the new experimental system, Moira's fade now also fades all nearby allies once she exits. Additionally, Blizzard has greatly reduced her primary fire lock-on radius and changed the damage orbs so that they now have a stronger effect the closer you are to them. The goal, as you might imagine, is to promote more skillful play from both Moira and her targets.

The current cooldown for fade obviously makes this new version of Moira a bit overpowered as you can avoid just about every big ultimate after a bit of practice, but even so, it is an interesting idea as Moira desperately needs some utility besides being a heal-bot. So with a couple of minor tweaks, I could see this being a good direction to take Moira in!

On a slightly different note, this experimental update has also reverted two of the recent Genji buffs. The goal here is to adjust his recent dominance and stop games from being decided purely by which team has the better nano-blade combo. Personally, I think the nerfs are pretty fair, so I wouldn't worry too much about Genji's viability should these tweaks go through.

You can check out the full patch notes, as well as keep an eye on any future experimental updates, over at the Overwatch website.