Reinhardt from Overwatch

The Overwatch Anniversary Update arrived a couple of days ago with a whole bunch of new cosmetics, but more importantly, a whole bunch of balance changes as well. Unfortunately, besides a nerf to Earthshatter the update also brought with it a rather significant bug relating to Reinhardt's hammer. Instead of the damage registering when the hammer is half-way across the screen, it now only registers when the entire swing has been completed, which as you might imagine feels incredibly weird and unresponsive.

Thankfully, Overwatch's Bill Warnecke came out earlier today to say that the change is most likely unintentional and that the developers will dig into the problem. Here's the full quote:

"Thanks for the report. I don't believe we intended to change Reinhardt's hammer. We will dig into this."

There is currently no other information available, but given how quickly the Overwatch team fixed previous game-breaking bugs chances are high Reinhardt's hammer will be back in action within a week or two. Hopefully the patch will also fix Roadhog's hook which has once again managed to gather up a whole variety of new bugs from the latest update.