Overwatch up close screenshot of Ashe

A little while ago the Overwatch devs brought in some major Roadhog buffs, performance improvements for both PC and consoles, as well as a brand new hero - a gunslinger named Ashe. In order to give everyone enough time to get used to her abilities, as well as to figure out what sort of heroes to pick in order to punish her, Blizzard has thankfully made her unavailable in Competitive Play for a brief period.

Two weeks have come and gone since then, and I am very happy to announce that Ashe is now finally available in Competitive Play. As is expected, she's pretty much instantly locked in every single match, so if you're planning to play her you're going to need to prove that you truly have the quickest draw in the West!

As for whether Ashe is any good or not, I think I feel comfortable saying that she's a pretty solid hero... provided you can aim well. Her gun isn't anything too special, but her ability to pressure teams behind a shield cannot be understated, especially considering how much ult charge you can gain from doing so. There were quite a few games I've managed to have B.O.B. up every single fight, all because the enemy kept trying to slowly push ahead behind a Reinhardt shield. So if you do end up playing her, my advice would be to learn how to land those juicy dynamite hits as that's where most of your power lies.

And just in case you haven't seen much of Ashe, allow me to leave you with her Hero Overview trailer. It will not only tell you everything you need to know about her, but it also has some pretty awesome music, so it's definitely worth a watch. Enjoy!