Artwork for Orisa from Overwatch

Overwatch's 24th hero Orisa has been on the PTR for over two weeks now, and it appears she will remain there for a little while longer in order to ensure a smooth launch. To be more specific, Orisa will be unleashed onto the PC and consoles this Tuesday, March 21st.

Besides this little tidbit of information the Overwatch devs have also released a fascinating video detailing Orisa's creation, all the way from the very beginning to the very end. So if you're interested in seeing Goth Zaryas run around with Bastion cannons for arms make sure to give the video a look:

The update will also bring with it a much needed nerf for Ana, as well as some minor buffs for Sombra, Winston, Junkrat, and Zenyatta. You can find the original PTR patch notes by heading over here, and the most recent revised version over here. If you're just interested in the short version, however, let's just say that the next patch is most likely going to feature the biggest hero diversity Overwatch has ever seen. It will take quite a few weeks before people get accustomed to playing with the 'new' heroes, especially with Sombra who is currently widely regarded as useless, but once they do things should be pretty damn awesome!