Overwatch 2 screenshot of the Story Mission coming with Season 6: Invasion

[Update #2]: Overwatch 2's July 11th update has added Summer Games 2023, a new Team Queue mode, and a variety of buffs

[Update]: Bad news, I'm afraid. It looks like Overwatch 2's downsized PvE content will be locked behind a $15 purchase.

Even though the Season 5 trailer hasn't launched yet, Blizzard has decided to skip ahead a few months and give us a teaser for the big features coming with Season 6: Invasion on August 10th. The highlights include the first series of co-op focused PvE missions, a brand new PvP game mode called Flashpoint with its own unique maps, a massive overhaul of the practice range, and even a brand new support hero!

There will be three PvE missions in total, and from what I can figure out, it seems that they'll be similar to the Archives missions we've seen through the original Overwatch. Story-wise, we'll once again be facing off against Null Sector as they appear to be trying to brainwash or otherwise mess with innocent Omnics. While I'm not expecting these missions to have a lot of replay value, especially if you're not into chasing high scores, they should still be a nice bit of fun and a welcome diversion from the highly competitive PvP matches.

Speaking of which, Season 6 will also be adding Flashpoint as a core PvP game mode. In Flashpoint you'll need to fight for control of capture points scattered across the map, with the winner being the team that has claimed three of them. Whether this means there's only three points per map or if there's going to be more, I'm afraid I don't currently know, but either way I'm definitely on board for a more chaotic game mode.

It took quite a few years for us to get here, but the practice mode will also be getting a much-needed overhaul! Expect to see a new firing range with dozens of practice settings and multiple targets to choose from, alongside a bunch of other tools to help you improve with all sorts of heroes.

The final and most mysterious new addition is the next support hero. I'd love to give you a rundown of her abilities and backstory, but aside from her being from Peru and carrying a giant gun, I'm afraid there's nothing else to say right now.

Once Blizzard finally spills the beans, most likely in a couple of months, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, get ready as Season 5 will be launching on June 13th!