Overwatch 2 season 2 artwork for the new hero Ramattra

[Update #2]: Overwatch 2's Season 3 update won't add a new hero, but rather a new Control map - Antarctic Peninsula.

[Update]: Overwatch 2's Battle for Olympus update has arrived with a fun novelty game mode and some truly awful challenges.

After a surprisingly lengthy round of teasers and previews for a single update, Overwatch 2's second season has now finally been unleashed. Season 2 brings with it Ramattra as a brand new stance-shifting tank, a new escort map by the name of Shambali Monastery, a whole host of new cosmetics themed after Greek mythology, and most importantly of all, a bunch of balance changes to help spice everything up.

What some of these new additions look like in action, that you can check out through the Season 2 trailer below. Have a gander:

Much like Kiriko, in order to play as Ramattra you'll need to first unlock him by either purchasing the premium Battle Pass or by reaching a decently high level in the free one. The good news is that Blizzard has reduced the level requirement from 55 to 45, as well as made the weekly quests easier to complete. So while this is still far from idea, unlocking Ramattra for free should be fairly easy for even the most casual of players.

As for the balance changes, you can expect to see some major buffs to heroes like Doomfist and Tracer, a rather serious nerf to Sojourn, as well as a couple of rather strange buffs and nerfs to a few other heroes. You can check out the exact numbers, as well as the full list of bug fixes and improvements, over at the official forums.

Overwatch 2 screenshot of Junker Queen's Greek mythology themed Zeus skin

While I can understand most of these changes, I genuinely have no idea what Blizzard was thinking with Junker Queen. They apparently wanted to make her tankier by slightly buffing her shout and healing, yet at the same time they massively reduced her survivability by making her an even easier target for the enemy. Junker Queen was already struggling to do much of anything in Competitive Play because of how vulnerable she is to sustained fire, and despite her being the face of the Season 2 Battle Pass she might even end up being weaker than before. Truly a bizarre set of changes.

To end all of this on a positive note, it's also worth mentioning that Blizzard has announced a brand new game mode for everyone to mess around with - Battle for Olympus. The exact details are still few and far between, but so far it looks like it's going to be an all-out brawl between super-powered heroes. Either way, the Battle for Olympus limited time mode will be running from January 5th to January 19th.

Once we get more information about it, or Blizzard releases another update, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun with Ramattra and I'll leave you with his origin story cinematic: