Overwatch 2 screenshot showing Genji and Hanzo under Kiriko's ultimate

[Update #2]: Good news! Despite recent statements to the contrary, Overwatch 2 will be releasing a mid-season update with nerfs to Sombra, Genji, Zarya and D.Va.

[Update]: Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 will only be making balance changes at the start of each two-month season.

You know how people on Reddit and the Blizzard forums frequently complain about how the system is rigged and that they should absolutely, 100% have a higher competitive rating than the one they were given? Well, in a bizarre twist that I honestly never saw coming, they were actually correct - Overwatch 2's Competitive Play did indeed rank players far lower than it should!

With the October 13th update Blizzard has now thankfully corrected this massive problem, and more importantly, implemented a boost to help the affected players get to their true ranking as quickly as possible. Naturally, anyone that gains a matchmaking rank from this point forward will completely avoid the issue, so if you're in this group feel free to play as many competitive games as you want since the system should now place you more or less where you belong.

The good news doesn't end there as Blizzard has also brought back two classic Overwatch maps: Numbani (Hybrid) and Necropolis (Arena)! That said, you'll have to wait a little while in order to play Numbani in Quick or Competitive Play as it's unfortunately not a part of the current seasonal map pool. It's still present in the Arcade map rotation, however, so if you want your Numbani fix make sure to keep an eye on the ever-changing list of Arcade game modes.

As far as balance changes are concerned, there's only really one of any consequence - Zenatta will no longer receive an insane amount of attack speed when under the effect of Kiriko's ultimate. I have no idea how or why that happened with Zenyatta in specific, but I'm happy to see that the days of the machine gun monk are now finally over.

Once the next big update goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read all about the October 13th update over at the official website. Enjoy!