Overwatch screenshot for the support hero Moira and her orb ability

[Update #2]: Overwatch 2 devs have now unveiled the very first roadmap alongside Junker Queen's cinematic short.

[Update]: Overwatch 2's PvP mode is going free-to-play and launching on October 4th, 2022!

Given their importance in the new 5v5 world, tanks have so far received the most attention from the Overwatch 2 team. This is the most apparent with Orisa, a hero that went from being a fairly boring line-holder to the ultimate killing machine that simply bulldozes her way through any opposition. Needless to say, she's been through one heck of a glow up!

However, not all heroes have made the transition to Overwatch 2 quite so successfully. Junkrat and Symmetra, two heroes that have been heavily geared towards combating shield tanks, have suddenly found themselves without much purpose in the significantly more dynamic Overwatch 2. So in order to sort this issue out, Blizzard is currently looking into reworking either their weapons or abilities, all with the intention being to promote more skillful play and give the two heroes an interesting niche to fill.

Heroes of the Storm artwork for Junkrat

I can only hope Junkrat's grenade launcher will become a lot less random

A similar story applies to Moira, even though she's fairly well positioned in Overwatch 2 thanks to the increased health regeneration from the support role passive. Still, she is a rather boring hero with very little play-making potential, so Blizzard is currently planning to increase her utility while slightly toning down her damage and healing output. As far as I'm concerned that's pretty much exactly what Moira needs to become truly competitive, so I look forward to seeing what happens!

The final thing worth mentioning is Mercy and her super-jump ability that allows her to fling herself into the air. Right now super-jump is essentially a glitch that's somewhat tricky to replicate, yet is so powerful that pretty much every Mercy player worth their salt has to put in the time and effort to master it in order to perform well. The solution to this conundrum, and the one that Blizzard is thankfully going for, is to make super-jump a core part of Mercy's toolkit and not something only the dedicated few can fully utilize.

Much like the past few announcements, and especially the one that gave Zenyatta a mighty kick, there's very little to argue against here. Blizzard has the correct idea about what each of the heroes needs to thrive, so here's to hoping all of these reworks and changes will end up working out because I'd love to see the day where Junkrat and Symmetra are considered more than just ultra-niche picks on certain maps!

Once more information becomes available I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a little bit more about Blizzard's plans for the Overwatch 2 beta over at the official website. Enjoy!