Overwatch 2 new tank hero Ramattra story trailer artwork

[Update #2]: The good news continues! It looks like Season 3 will bring back the Workshop and complex Custom Games, while Season 4 will remove the unpopular Map Pools.

[Update]: Overwatch 2's Season 3 update won't add a new hero, but rather a new Control map - Antarctic Peninsula.

While Overwatch 2's gameplay is highly enjoyable, trying to play it seriously and fight your way through the ranks of Competitive Play can often be an incredibly frustrating experience. Not only are the matches rarely balanced, but you don't even get to see any changes to your rank for a dozen or so games. And then, to really top it all off, at the end of the season you get automatically deranked and have to go through the whole ordeal all over again!

Needless to say, this is not ideal, which is why I'm happy to report that Blizzard has heard the community's complaints loud and clear. Better yet, they have just announced how and when they're going to fix some of them! Here's what you can look forward to:

Season 3:

The matchmaker will try to place pairs of players with similar MMR on each role for both teams. This is especially important when it comes to tanks as a more experienced tank player can easily steamroll over a weaker one, to the point where the other roles might not be able to compensate for it, which only leads to frustration and arguments.

Instead of requiring 7 wins or 20 losses in order to update your rank, in Season 3 you'll need 5 wins or 15 losses. In my eyes that is still far too much as playing for a week without seeing any sort of progress can be highly demoralizing, but even so, a small improvement is still an improvement!

Season 4:

In Season 4 Blizzard will be removing seasonal rank resets, including all current and past seasonal rank decay. For me this is by far the most important change as I don't play a ton of Overwatch 2, which means I'm basically stuck grinding through the same two ranks over and over again, which is especially irritating when the skill level of my opponents remains static throughout it all due to the unchanging invisible MMR.

Season 4 will also give you more information about your current wins and losses. The details on this are still few and far between, but the new system should give you additional context to "help you better interpret changes to your skill tier and division in the update."

Once these changes go live, or Blizzard announces another batch of juicy details, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a few more tidbits about Overwatch 2 and its future over at the official website. Enjoy!