Overwatch 2 screenshot of the new support hero Lifeweaver

[Update #2]: I'm afraid I have some bad news. Overwatch 2 will be drastically downscaling the scope and amount of its long-awaited PvE missions.

[Update]: Overwatch 2's April 25th update has rejigged Lifeweaver's keybinds and buffed a bunch of his abilities.

While Season 3 mostly focused on optional game modes and general improvements, tomorrow's Season 4 will once again be adding a brand new hero. This time around we'll be getting Lifeweaver - a highly mobile support that's also capable of messing with the positioning of both allies and enemies.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video has quite a lot of them, allow me to share with you Lifeweaver's gameplay overview trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of just what his skillset is about and how it all plays together. Have a peek:

Given his abilities, I have a feeling Lifeweaver is going to be one of those heroes that is always going to have a major impact on the course of a match - be that by disrupting enemies and being a pain in their side or by constantly shoving his allies around and making them lose their minds due to all of the forced movement. Either way, it's going to be fun to watch for the first few weeks!

As for the rest of Season 4, it'll bring with it the usual assortment of limited time events, fancy cosmetics, and naturally, a brand new Battle Pass. Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect to see:

Perhaps most importantly, Season 4 will also bring with it a whole host of improvements to Competitive Play. These include tighter matchmaking, the removal of seasonal rank decay and map pools, an increase to the amount of Competitive Points you can earn, as well as greater punishments for people intentionally leaving their games in a fit of rage. Combine that with a whole bunch of balance changes, including a rework of Brigitte's ultimate, and I have a feeling that the start of Season 4 is going to be quite a bit of fun to mess around with.

You can check out all of the tweaks, as well as the accompanying bug fixes, over at the official forums. Enjoy, and I'll leave you with Lifeweaver's origin story: