Overkill's The Walking Dead official artwork and logo

After being delayed time and time again, Overkill's The Walking Dead co-op FPS has now finally been pinned for a November 6th release date on PC, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will arrive in February of 2019. If you would like to give it a try ahead of schedule, as well as provide some feedback to the developers themselves, you might be interested to hear that the PC Closed Beta will begin on October 9th.

Right now the only way to guarantee access is to pre-order the game itself, though the Deluxe Edition does also come with three extra keys you can share with friends. Whether you will be able to access the Closed Beta without pre-ordering, that I'm not sure about, but whatever happens you should still be able to get a pretty good idea of just what Overkill's The Walking Dead is all about, and whether it's any good or not.

If you would like a little bit of a sneak peek, however, allow me to share with you the recently posted gameplay preview. The video also includes some developer commentary, so if you're just interested in the actual gameplay you should skip to around 8:30 in the video. Have a gander:

You can learn more about Overkill's The Walking Dead, as well as follow any further developer updates, over at the official website. And if you haven't, I would highly recommend you also check out the character introduction videos. They're surprisingly well done and add some much-needed depth to the characters, so if you have some free time, give them a look. Enjoy!