Overkill's The Walking Dead is being delayed due to an increase in scope and project size

Overkill's The Walking Dead is a co-op shooter with stealth elements set in the currently absurdly popular zombie universe that was until recently slated for a 2016 release.

However, after a recent partnership between Starbreeze and the Chinese company Smilegate The Walking Dead has been delayed due to an increase in planned content as well as the development of an Asian version. Here's the full announcement:

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead will be expanded with more content where an Asian version will be developed for simultaneous launch with the western version. To maximize the new opportunities, Starbreeze, 505 Games and Skybound have decided to release the game in all markets during the second half of 2017. The partners are convinced this will pave the way to success, maximize revenues and cement it as a tent pole product for the next decade to come.

“What the Starbreeze team has achieved in the last few years is amazing. This partnership with Smilegate with an upfront cash injection secures our plans, opens new markets and proves yet again that we have an expansive and ambitious business plan focusing on creating long term value. This deal creates a new paradigm for independent developers in the digital market that we are excited to pioneers"  said Michael Hjorth, Starbreeze Chairman of the Board. 

While this is complete speculation on my part the fact that they are making an Asian version of The Walking Dead leads me to believe the game is either going to be free to play or will have heavy micro-transaction elements, much like Overkill's Payday 2 which garnered a fair amount of criticism for just that.

As of right now very little is known about the game but once more information does show up I'll make sure to update you. For now I'll leave you with the most recent trailer, and if you're looking for a glimpse at some gameplay footage skip towards the end.