Old School Runescape has recieved a new expansion titled Zeah: Great Kourend

Runescape has been around for 15 years now and as you might imagine it underwent a lot of changes during its life but not all of them were well received by the community. The patches that came in the last few years were the most controversial, so much so that Jagex ended up making a special version of Runescape that would run on old patches in order to appease both sides of the playerbase, a rather brilliant move as it turns out.

The old school version of Runescape is apparently popular enough to warrant a rather big expansion, first part of which has been released today. The expansion titled Zeah: Great Kourend is adding new ways for players to level up their skills, a new landmass and bustling city to explore as well as five great houses to appease in order to make a name for yourself.

Each of the five houses focuses on a certain playstyle so whether you want to engage in trading, farming, wizardry or plain old combat there will be something there for you. Though be warned, earning favor with one house will also earn you the ire of others so make sure that whomever you chose you remain loyal to.

Favor is earned by completing various tasks around the city that have either been given to you or are simply in-line with what the house stands for, so for example if you go with house Shayzien you will be expected to uphold law and order as well as fight organized crime. Buttering up the various houses will grant you new items, spells to use and even a new spellbook, monsters to fight and areas where you can level your skills more efficiently so there is definitely a reason to do so.

In order to reach this new land mass simply talk to Veos in Port Sarim, he'll send you over to Great Kourend.

You can find the full set of information as well as the map of this new landmass over on the Runescape website.