Oculus Rift shipments have been delayed due to component shortage

Both the Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive had a rather rough start with numerous logistical issues that needed to be overcome before people could get their hands on that sweet, sweet VR tech.

However, while HTC has managed to mostly fix their issues and continue on with shipping, the Oculus team is apparently running in to severe problems with component shortages which is causing some orders to be delayed for over a month. Information on why exactly the delay is happening comes from The Verge who had managed to direct a couple of questions at the Oculus spokesperson, and get this statement:

"The component shortage impacted our quantities more than we expected, and we've updated the shipment window to reflect these changes. We apologize for the delay. We're delivering Rifts to customers every day, and we're focused on getting Rifts out the door as fast as we can.

We've taken steps to address the component shortage, and we'll continue shipping in higher volumes each week. We've also increased our manufacturing capacity to allow us to deliver in higher quantities, faster. Many Rifts will ship less than four weeks from original estimates, and we hope to beat the new estimates we've provided."

In other words, if you pre-order a Rift right now you can expect your order to be arrive in July or early August, barring any further issues. And as an apology for all of the delays, anyone who patiently waits for their pre-order to be fulfilled will be spared the $50 shipping fee, which should lessen the sting of the 'eternal' wait for VR to finally arrive.

As a final note, if you're among those that either backed the Oculus Kickstarter, or simply pre-ordered relatively early on, your shipment should be arriving on time so there's no need to worry.