Obsidian's newest project is called Project Louisiana

It has only been a couple of months since Obsidian's latest RPG Tyranny first arrived, and already they are teasing a brand new project. The first tweet arrived with a single image and a rather interesting quote: "I used to dream that when my god came back, he would forgive us. That's the trouble with dreams. Sooner or later, we all have to wake up." From what I've figured out the quote isn't referencing any sort of existing novel, but I must admit it does set up one hell of a story!

The second tweet brought with it a lot less information, but it did give us a link to an official forum for something called the "Project Louisiana". What exactly Project Louisiana is, that I'm afraid I can't tell you since I simply don't know, but the two leading theories so far point towards Fallout: New Orleans (a rumor that was debunked a while back) and Pillars of Eternity 2 (which is highly likely to happen given the success of its predecessor) as potential answers.

Naturally, there is no clear answer, and it is equally possible for Project Louisiana to be one of the two games mentioned above or something else entirely. So until Obsidian finally reveals what exactly they're working on, feel free to visit their forums and exchange theories as you might just land on the correct one!