Pathfinder Adventures screenshot of a mercenary

After being available on mobile platforms for quite a while now, Obsidian's card game and RPG hybrid Pathfinder Adventures has made its way to the PC as well. As you might expect given its influence Pathfinder Adventures is all about developing your party, acquiring loot, and beating the ever-living daylight out of anything or anyone that dares stand between you and your shinies.

On first glance it might seems like Pathfinder Adventures is yet another card game designed to compete with Hearthstone, but in reality its more of a standard RPG spiced up with card game mechanics. If you're wondering how exactly this might look like in gameplay terms, here's an extremely lengthy tutorial and Q&A video from Obsidian themselves. It should give you a pretty damn good idea of what sort of game you're getting yourself into:

Before you dive in it is worth noting that Pathfinder Adventures appears to have quite a few bugs on the Steam version. From what I could gleam from the user reviews the most common complaint is that the tutorial is either unfinished or completely broken, though some players are also reporting issues with certain main story missions locking up and forcing a restart. I haven't played it myself so take all of this with a few grains of salt, but it is still worth keeping in mind if you ever decide to grab yourself a copy.

And speaking of which, if you would like to learn more about Pathfinder Adventures you should head over to either the official website or Steam. Finally, here's a couple of images from the PC version:

Pathfinder Adventures PC screenshot showing a goblin raider

Pathfinder Adventures screenshot from the PC version showing a bunch of goblins

Pathfinder Adventures screenshot from the PC version showing the character creator