Northgard viking strategy game artwork for the Swords and Solace update

Given that Shiro Games have literally just released Dune: Spice Wars into Early Access, I figured they would take a little break from Northgard in order to give the new game a bit of a head start. However, in a refreshing twist, they've instead decided to unleash a rather chunky and quality-of-life focused update for Northgard!

The freshly released Sword & Solace brings with it an assortment of UI improvements to fix inconsistencies between the various menus, as well as to make creating and accessing custom games an easier process. Similarly, the multiplayer ranking system (Glory Points) has been greatly broadened, on top of making it so only players within a certain Glory Point range can join the same lobbies. This should hopefully result in much more balanced matches all across the board.

In order to make things even better for the multiplayer community, the Sword & Solace update has reworked a significant portion of the Military Paths. The new ones should offer much more compelling and competitive choices, as well as be more fun to experiment with in general.

The Sword & Solace has also brought in a wide variety of balance tweaks and bug fixes, though these aren't quite so easy to summarize. So if you're interested in all of the numbers and reasoning behind the changes, you can find what you seek over at Steam.

Have fun with the new update, and I'll leave you with a brief trailer highlighting the new improvements: