Northgard screenshot featuring a giant sword

Northgard is an upcoming viking-themed strategy game from Shiro Games - the developers behind the Evoland series. In Northgard you'll be expected to establish a thriving colony in a harsh and unforgiving land; face off against undead warriors, giants, and other monsters from Norse mythology; and eventually achieve victory through either conquest, culture, lore, or good ol' fashioned diplomacy.

But rather than simply blabber on and list out random features, allow me to instead share with you the most recent (and only) gameplay video. It should give you a good idea of what Northgard is trying to accomplish, and whether this sort of RTS gameplay is of any interest to you. Have a look:

If you do enjoy this type of RTS you'll be glad to hear that Northgard will be coming to Steam Early Access on February 22nd. As you might expect it will not arrive fully finished, so if you're not a fan of Early Access I would recommend waiting the 2-6 months the developers are expecting this beta phase to last. And if you're wondering what the team is planning to add throughout Northgard's Early Access stay, the answer would be new playable clans with unique gameplay mechanics, a full story driven campaign, a multiplayer mode, as well as a whole host of smaller features and bug fixes.

To learn more, about either Northgard or its Early Access plans, I would recommend you head over to Steam. And as a final note, here's a couple of the most recent images:

Northgard screenshot featuring the Gates of Muspelheim

Northgard screenshot featuring RTS combat

Northgard screenshot featuring an icy blizzard