No Man's Sky release date and price have been announced today

In a recent press event the folks behind No Man's Sky, Hello Games, announced a couple of new details about their upcoming space explorer.

The most important of which is the crazy release schedule that has No Man's Sky going live on June 21st in North America, June 22nd in Europe and Australia, and June 24th for the UK and the rest of the world. Other than setting a record for "most torrented game of the month" I'm not exactly sure what such a strangely staggered release is supposed to accomplish but then again I don't have a fancy suit.

Here's the info on the pricing & prepurchase offers:

You can prepurchase No Man's Sky on Steam for $60/€60 or if you're more sensible go with the GOG option which nets you a DRM free copy for €53,59.

However, if you're up for something a bit more pricey but a lot more interesting Hello Games are also selling a special No Man's Sky: Explorer Edition for $150. It comes with the game itsef but also a hand-painted, cast metal replica of the ship you will spend a good amount of time exploring the galaxy (and crashing in to planets) with, a mystery $10 item which will be revealed on launch and most excitingly, a sturdy box for your cats to play in!

Do keep in mind that copies of the Explorer Edition are limited to "only" 10,000 units so if you're interesting in landing a tiny, expensive spaceship on your mantle go for it sooner rather than later, though I doubt it will sell out that quickly. Here's how it looks like:

No Man's Sky - contents of the Explorer Edition