Nioh 2 screenshot of the snake demon boss

Even though Nioh 2 is a game I reviewed quite positively, I still found it remarkably difficult to recommend to PC players due to one fatal flaw. This flaw, as you're likely well aware at this point, is that Nioh 2 launched without any sort of mouse & keyboard prompts!

While annoying, for most games this wouldn't be that big of a problem as you'd quickly figure out what each key does through simple trial and error. However, Nioh 2 has a large assortment of mechanics and combos you absolutely need to keep track of in order to succeed, many of which are thought to you at the very start of the game and barely mentioned afterwards. The end result, as you might imagine, is a whole lot of frustration until you can finally figure out how to transcribe controller prompts and can start playing the game properly.

With all of that in mind, I am immensely happy to say that all of this nonsense is now finally behind us. As a part of the most recent update, Nioh 2 has now implemented proper mouse & keyboard prompts for the PC version, thus making the whole experience a much more pleasant one.

So if you've been holding off on Nioh 2 while the developers fix up all of the major launch issues, this would be a pretty good time to jump in. As for any last minute advice, I would recommend not getting too upset about your failures as Nioh 2's difficulty curve is quite steep at the very start and so death will be a frequent companion. But just power through it, learn from your mistakes, and Nioh 2 should be pretty good fun.

Enjoy, and just for good measure, I'll leave you with one of the recent trailers: