Nier: Automata Valve-themed cosmetic goggles

NieR: Automata launched for the PlayStation 4 back on March 10th, and after a brief delay it has now finally made its way to the PC as well. But rather than simply releasing their game like 'normal people' the developers have decided to take things a bit further by creating a special cosmetic items just for this occasion - a pair of red valve goggles!

Silly little cosmetics aside, if you're wondering what NieR: Automata is even all about you'll find its most recent trailer down below. It briefly goes over the story, gameplay, and some of the environments you'll get to mess around with it, so it should hopefully give you at least a bit of an idea of what to expect. Have a look:

As for the PC version, its currently suffering from a couple of annoying issues, but thankfully its nothing a patch or two can't fix. That said, if you own a modern AMD card I would recommend holding off on your purchase for a couple of days as there is a decent chance you will have to deal with crashes and resolution issues. On the other hand, if you own an older AMD card that is still within the system requirements you should be perfectly fine.

Have fun, and make sure not to stop once you reach the first ending - that's when the Automata really opens up!