Sombra's weapon from Overwatch

[Update]: Turns out its actually Pharah's mom, Ana! You can read all about her here.

While she was never officially confirmed, the Overwatch community has known for many months now that Blizzard is working on a new support sniper named Sombra. There's even an in-game voice line where Reaper specifically mentions her: "Where is Sombra when you need her?"

If the already overwhelming pile of evidence isn't enough to convince you, Blizzard has recently teased an image of a sniper rifle that has the capability to heal people from range, but also to cause a serious amount of harm. As you can see from the image above, Blizzard still hasn't released any actual information on this upcoming hero, but the full reveal will be coming in the near future.

The reason I'm so certain about that is because one of Comic-Con's panels is dedicated solely to the "Behind the Scenes of Overwatch's Newest Hero". That's not all, however, as previously they've done this sort of "Behind the scenes" presentation after the heroes were already officially revealed, so don't be surprised if you hear more about Sombra in the very near future!

As for her abilities, there is currently nothing but speculation, but the "balance designer" within me is guessing that she will be able to either apply a heal-over-time or a damage-over-time effect with her sniper rifle. To do anything else would make her encroach upon the territory of other supports, but worst of all, probably push out Widowmaker due to the added utility of healing.

Whether she's going to work out and ever see play amidst such extremely well designed heroes as Mercy and Lucio, I don't know, but more supports are certainly welcome, especially if they can attract the "I AM A SNIPER" crowd.