EA's quarterly shareholder report came out yesterday citing increased profits and all the usual business nonsense but it also inadvertently gave us a time frame for when EA's upcoming games will be released.

According to the report Mass Effect: Andromeda, the next Battlefield and Titanfall 2 will be arriving before the end of the next fiscal year (March 31st). Here's the full statement:

"You should assume that Battlefield would come typically in the third quarter when we normally have it. We are not yet announcing when Titanfall or Mass Effect: Andromeda will come, but you should assume that is in the back half of the year as well because the second quarter was so dominated by our sports titles.

An all new Battlefield game from DICE will arrive in time for the holidays. We are excited to have a new Titanfall experience coming from our friends at Respawn, and of course Mass Effect: Andromeda from the team at BioWare will launch later in the fiscal year."

As you can see from the quote above there is no actual date announced for any of them but we do now know that the next Battlefield will be arriving in time for the holidays (most likely the Christmas season) and that the second quarter is going to be reserved for sports titles.

Mass Effect: Andromeda and Titanfall 2 are the furthest ones out as they are slated for "later in the fiscal year" so don't be surprised if they end up being delayed for a couple of months, game development tends to be a fairly volatile field.

If for some reason you're interested in reading the full report you can find it over here though I'd suggest you don't lie down while doing so.