Far Cry Primal trailer "King of the Stone Age" gives us glimpses in to the story

The majority of Far Cry: Primal trailers and gameplay showcases so far focused on killing this and murdering that without spending even a single moment to explain why exactly should we hate the differently tattooed enemies.

The recently released King of the Stone Age trailer is just as steeped in blood as all the others but it does give us glimpses towards the overall narrative and the why of things. It also features an incredible rendition of what a Stone Age dialect might look like, no slightly-off English accents to be found here. Take a look yourself:


There are a lot of games these days with voice acting and while its immensely helpful for immersion if done properly a lot of it unfortunately isn't (*cough* Fallout 4's male protagonist *cough*) so I'm really glad to see that everything showcased so far in Far Cry: Primal is not only in an "authentic" language but also well acted out.

As for the story itself, what little was showcased so far doesn't seem very inspiring but I said the same thing about Far Cry 3 and ate my words, at least until the actually good villain got replaced with generic Mc. Brittish.

So here's to hoping that Far Cry: Primal ends up being really good and doesn't fall in to the same "design by the numbers" trap that Ubisoft open world games frequent the past few years. Its an interesting enough concept to deserve more than mediocrity.